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Комментарий Дениса Соколова на RussiaToday о новом девелоперском проекте рядом с Кремлем

If you have ever fancied owning a flat right next to the Kremlin, now might be a good time to start saving.
­Around 60,000 square meters of elite housing is to be built across the river facing its famous red wall – next to Bolotnaya Square and the popular Red October complex.

The planning project is to be ready by 2013 and the luxury housing complex itself will appear by 2015, according to RBK Diary.

This is not the first attempt to develop this precious piece of land in the city center. The first development plans appeared in 2003 and they embraced five zones along the Moscow River.

Currently, there are four major projects going on in central Moscow, among them two elite residences on the river’s embankment, “Tsar’s Garden” and the Red October factory. Another elite housing complex will be built on the Kremlin embankment.

The Red October project, plans for which were first published this year, caused widespread outrage among Muscovites. Known as Moscow's favourite culture and nightlife haunt, the area was to close and be turned into another elite residence quarters. After the public reaction, however, the area assigned for housing was reduced.

“I would focus on public space that will drive the prices and the attractiveness of the area,” Denis Sokolov, head of research at ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд», told RT. “Elite residential is something that could support development of this public space, but the first thing they should focus on are places where people could spend their time.”

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