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Комментарий Михаила Миндлина для Property Wire: Moscow office market experiences another stable year

Despite the negative influence of macroeconomic trends, the office property market in Moscow has remained stable for two consecutive years, according to a new report.

In 2012 it has experienced high demand, good supply and stable office rents, says the latest office sector report from commercial real estate services firm ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд».

New office development is keeping to a similar pace to 2011, with more than 50 office buildings with total area of 650,000 square meters being completed.

More than 1.8 million square meters of office space is said to be on stream for delivery in 2013, but according to ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд» it will be more likely around 600,000 square meter as about 70% of projects that are announced will actually be constructed but not operational.

The firm expects Moscow City Business District to increase its share of the Moscow market with eight out of 10 the largest office buildings planned for delivery in 2013 located there or nearby.

Projects in Moscow City account for almost 40% of stock to be delivered in 2013, among them Eurasia Tower and Mercury Tower. Another landmark office complex to be delivered in 2013 is White Gardens in the Belaruskiy submarket.

According to ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд» forecasts, more than two million square meters of office space will be leased in Moscow in 2012. The market experienced tenant activity slowing down in the last few months that has influenced the overall year results. But it pointed out that this figure still slightly exceeds the results of 2011.

Tenants are thinking short term, and are mainly interested in ready to move solutions,ђ said Mikhail Mindlin, head of the Office Group at ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд».

In 2012 the bank and finance sectors have been most active, followed by IT and pharmaceuticals.

The report also says that stable office rents have positively influences the office market. The average class A office rent equals $790 per square meter per year, up 5% on 2011. It adds that the growth of class A rents could be explained not only by an increase of asking rents, but leasing of less expensive options.

The Moscow office market is in dynamic balance of demand and supply. Moscow still lacks high quality buildings that are not only convenient for business but possess such qualities as architectural excellence and integration into urban the environment. We believe that 2013 will open doors to such projects that will be delivered next year,ђ said Lada Belaychuk, deputy head of research at ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд».

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