Конференция Комитета Ассоциации Европейского Бизнеса по недвижимости (AEB): «Правило двух метров: какими будут офисы после пандемии?»

28 мая, Четверг 15:00 - 17:00 UTC+3
Место проведения:
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Наталья Никитина
Международный партнер
Руководитель департамента
Офисная недвижимость

COVID-19 has affected the working life, changing ways of how and where people do their jobs. Today offices around the world are almost empty and most of us work remotely from home. Governments and companies around the world are looking to ease these lockdowns, minimizing virus transmission at work, which is now at the top of many organizations’ agendas. Therefore, many businesses are now fundamentally asking ‘Why do we go to the office?’ and therefore questioning ‘What is the office for?’. Most of them are interested to know how their offices would look like after the pandemic is over.

During the webinar we will discuss the following issues

  1. Forecasts of experts for the future of offices and remote work
  2. International experience. How do different countries cope with the current situation?
  3. What do people think about remote work? Will it change the office real estate market? Survey Results
  4. How important is an office and a comfortable workplace for people? What components are missing in the office and at home? What does coworking offer for this?
  5. Short- and long-term future performance of the office market. How will the demand and quantity of office space change?
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