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Tashkent — at the center of WHAT’S NEXT

ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд» Russia is pleased to invite you to the webinar TASHKENT — AT THE CENTER OF WHAT’S NEXT in partnership with the Mayor’s office of the city of Tashkent.
ООО «Кушман энд Вэйкфилд» experts will give a review of the real estate market of Tashkent. The representatives of the authorities and business community of Tashkent will share their views on strategic development of the capital of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan now holds a unique place in the global real estate market.
While most emerging markets are suffering from a severe economy slowdown, Uzbekistan is experiencing economic growth and increasing liberalization of trade.
Even in Covid-19 era, when world economy is shrinking by 4.8%, Uzbekistan is showing growth at 2.8%.
Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan and being one of the region’s biggest cities with 2.7 million people, is unfortunately still extremely underdeveloped in the areas of commercial real estate.
Currently, Tashkent is going through major transformation and needs international expertise and capital in almost every aspect of urban development.

We believe that it is the right time to explore investment and development opportunities offered by this market.

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